How To Tie

How to tie a tie, which style is suitable? This site teaches you how to quickly tie a tie, learn for a minute, and tie and maintain knowledge of the tie.

  • Four-In-Hand

  • Introduction to the four-handed knot: The four-handed knot is the most popular of the bow tie and the easiest to use in all bow ties. The four-handed knot is simple to operate, giving people a straightforward, full of male vitality and enthusiasm. If you only want to learn a way to tie a bow tie, the four-handed knot is the best choice.
  • Difficulty:★☆☆☆☆
  • Popularity:★★★★★
  • Features: The shape is slender, tapered, and slightly asymmetrical.
  • Match type: For thin, narrow or medium-width ties, with a narrow-neck or mid-neck shirt, it's perfect for a small square neck.
  • Applicable scenarios: Casual style, suitable for most occasions. Suitable for everyone, especially for men with short necks.
  • Illness: tall, wide chest, wide neck.
  • Detailed steps: