How To Tie

How to tie a tie, which style is suitable? This site teaches you how to quickly tie a tie, learn for a minute, and tie and maintain knowledge of the tie.

  • Half Windsor Knot

  • Semi-Wensa knot introduction: Half-Winshasha knot is a more romantic tie style. The collar shape of the approximate triangle is more solemn than the oblique triangle type of the four-hand knot. The knot type is four. The hand knot is slightly wider and is suitable for any occasion. It is the perfect match with the standard collar in many shirt collars.
  • Alias: Half Windsor knot
  • Difficulty:★★☆☆☆
  • Popularity:★★★★☆
  • Features: Medium in size, basically symmetrical in shape, slightly larger than the Pratt knot and smaller than Windsor.
  • Matching type: Suitable for medium and thicker ties, best suited for standard collar and pointed collar shirts.
  • Applicable scenarios: Suitable for most collars and occasions.
  • Illness: is suitable for almost all body types.
  • Detailed steps: