How To Tie

How to tie a tie, which style is suitable? This site teaches you how to quickly tie a tie, learn for a minute, and tie and maintain knowledge of the tie.

Tie matching method

Tie is a good partner for men in the workplace, and a good-looking tie can add a lot to the overall dress. In fact, shirts and tie with a lot of learning. To be appropriate, it is really necessary for the men to spend some time.

Young people should use a lively, strong-colored tie to increase the youthful vitality of the user; for older people, the pattern should be selected; and women should use a plain tie.

At the same time, pay attention to the shirt and tie, but also pay attention to the coordination of the color of the shirt tie, in order to increase the elegance and refined, the charm of the double effect.

Silver-gray, creamy white suit should be more eye-catching with a red tie; red, purple suit with creamy tie is elegant and luxurious; dark blue, dark green suit with yellow, rose tie reveals deep and subtle temperament; brown, dark green suit with sky blue tie The show reveals a flowing temperament.

Wearing silver ash, milky white suit, suitable for wearing red, vermilion, dark green, sea blue, brown black tie, will give people a sense of quiet, beautiful, chic.

Wear red, fuchsia suits, suitable for wearing white, cream, silver, lake blue, emerald green tie to show an elegant and luxurious effect.

Wear a dark blue, dark green suit, suitable for wearing orange, cream, light blue, rose tie, so wear will give a deep, subtle beauty.

Wearing a brown, dark green suit, suitable for wearing a sky blue, creamy, orange-yellow tie, will show a graceful and elegant style.

Wearing a black and brown suit, suitable for wearing silver-gray, milky-white, blue, white-red stripes or blue-black stripes, will make you look more generous.

The most common use for business men is the suit of shirts and ties. No matter where they are, they are loved by people in all fields. There are many kinds of shirts, and the tie is a close friend of the shirt. Only by knowing how to use different shirts and ties in different occasions, the combination of color and lines can reflect the essence of your match. Your personal overall style, achievement quality man.

The combination of shirts and ties is a matter of learning. If it is not properly matched, it may damage the overall feeling, but if it is cleverly matched, it can catch everyone's eyes and it seems to be ingenious. The tie is always dominant because it is the most eye-catching part of the garment. Generally speaking, you should first focus on the matching of the tie and the suit jacket. From a more elegant point of view, the color of the top should be the basic color of the tie.

White shirts are excellent for every man, suitable for every occasion, and not outdated, so every man should at least prepare a white shirt that can be changed, and it is bold with various lively colors or patterns. The tie is good. The timeless fashion mix is ​​a white or light blue shirt with a single or brightly patterned tie. This is a timeless match.

In the way of clothing matching, simple and always please. If you are not so confident in the taste of your choice of tie, don't make a new look. You know, most men don't feel good about patterns. Not only that, you never know what your "different" taste may cause resentment. The combination of shirts and ties reflects to some extent the level of sophistication of your life.

Every man should have at least one white or light blue collar buttoned shirt. In terms of tie, there is at least one tie with a pure blue or red wine for daytime use. There should also be a silk jacquard tie or a pure black tie to replace the collar flower at the official dinner.

Tie and suit color matching

If you're choosing a tie with multiple color patterns, be aware that any of the colors in the pattern will be the same color as a shirt or suit, and the effect will be icing on the cake.

Tie - Patterns for suits and shirts

From the perspective of pattern matching, with a tie shirt, as long as you master a few principles, you can save a lot of troubles.

Do not match the same type of pattern. The plaid suit should not be worn with a plaid shirt and a plaid tie. If you wear a dark plaid suit, it is very beautiful with plain or striped shirts and ties. The plaid shirt with a twill tie, the straight-lined shirt, the pattern of the tie, although they are straight lines, but there are changes in the direction of the grain, not monotonous. A dark-patterned shirt with a patterned tie. The dark cell can be treated as a plain color here, and the printed or floral pattern tie is best matched with a plain shirt. If you wear a shirt with a plaid or a line, it will be a bit dazzling.

Tie - Collar Matching

In addition to the combination of color and pattern, special attention should be paid to the tie of the tie and the neckline of the shirt. There are many common tie methods for the tie (see tie tie method), so which one should be used in daily life? Ok? Under normal circumstances, in addition to the influence of popular factors (such as the width of the suit head to the width of the tie, which affects the size of the tie knot), mainly according to the shape of the collar of the shirt worn (the size of the angle of the collar) To choose.