How To Tie

How to tie a tie, which style is suitable? This site teaches you how to quickly tie a tie, learn for a minute, and tie and maintain knowledge of the tie.

Tie Selection Guide

Tie, as a must-have for suits, plays an important role in decorating, embellishing, and beautifying suits. To choose an ideal tie, choose from fabrics, colors, styles, and quality.

Sure and reliable choice

Every man should have a deep, heavy-toned tie in the daily wardrobe, such as dark blue, burgundy, and gray. Dark tie white shirt is a classic match that will never go out of style. Such a tie is a valuable purchase, can be worn everyday, can also replace the bow tie, wear to participate in important parties.

Fashion combinations

The deep tie is always very solemn and elegant, especially when the texture is high quality pure silk. Wine red, red, and brick gray look rough. If you like to be more fashionable, "high tech" is good gray and black. Paired with well-crafted suit shoes and tonal shirts, there will be a very rich style.

If you have this popular color tie, be sure to ensure high quality, because if you can't keep the quality flat after you tie it, you will lose the man's reliable and stable appearance due to the folds on the tie.

Dare to mark new

If you want to be unconventional, you can buy a pink or faint tie. Most people who wear such a tie seem to feel a little bit, but if they are paired with shoes and clothes, they also have a means of highlighting the outward personality, and often even break the silent topic.

It is guaranteed that there will be a high rate of return. You should buy this tie when you have a lot of "ordinary tie" in your daily wardrobe. You can't tie it every day, and the trend is changing instantly. But old friends, if you want to keep a little bit different, you have to spend a little more thought.


If you only have a few ties, you should not buy more eccentric styles. Instead, you should buy a few more simple or twill styles. Mainly depends on whether you are conservative or extroverted, and the tie should suit your taste. The mixed flower style is not ideal in the negotiation environment, and you will not wear a pink tie to attend the funeral.

Try to buy a more adaptable tie to match your existing clothes and shoes. Of course it depends on your economic situation. If you like to wear classic-style clothing, it is recommended not to buy ties with animals and cartoons, they will soon appear outdated and cheesy. But still, if you are extroverted and have the right clothes and shoes, even if you have a Mickey Mouse or Spiderman tie, you will still be recognized as a person who will wear clothes.

Tie taboo

The real taboo is a noodle-like slender or leather corduroy product, like you live in the city, wearing cowboy hats and cowboy boots all the time. Normally, I recommend the same money, you have to look at quality rather than quantity. High quality things are worth the extra money and are the right investment.

Length width

Discussed the basic color style, let's take a look at the size. In general, the width of 3 inches is more suitable, and the width of this range generally does not eliminate the fashion trend. Standard ties are between 52-58 inches long and vary in length and style.

One penny and one item

The price is usually a very good quality benchmark. If it is a high-quality silk tie, the feel will be full and soft. Don't buy inferior pleated ties!

The high-quality tie is cut from the center of the fabric, and the sag is strong after knotting. If it is bent, it means that it is improperly cut and should not be purchased. So buying a tie can't be too embarrassing, and you have to spend money on fashion and quality, because a good tie makes you look great and will be confident!