How To Tie

How to tie a tie, which style is suitable? This site teaches you how to quickly tie a tie, learn for a minute, and tie and maintain knowledge of the tie.

  • Windsor Knot

  • Introduction to Windsor: The Windsor knot is a symmetrical, large-sized tie knot, named after the Duke of Windsor. It is a very classic tie style. This bow tie is a triangle and is very full. It is suitable for wearing in formal occasions and is rarely used in daily life.
  • Difficulty:★★★★☆
  • Popularity:★★★★☆
  • Features: Symmetrical shape, very full, and large size.
  • Matching type: Suitable for soft and light silk ties, with wide neck or medium wide collar shirt, wide collar.
  • Applicable scenarios: Suitable for formal occasions such as business and politics; not suitable for shirts with narrow collars.
  • Illness: Medium or short height, narrow chest, thin neck.
  • Detailed steps: